Baldwinsville Community Band

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Thanks for visiting our site. If you have any questions or comments about the band, please send them my way. 

It was a great summer of music making, and thanks to those who took the time to fill out a survey.  If you did not fill one out, please send me an email telling me in what town you live and include any comments.

We resume rehearsals on Wednesday, October 7th at Ray Middle School in Baldwinsville.  This would be a great time to join us if you’re interested in playing;  no auditions needed.  Please contact me ahead of time so I can have a seat for you and music. At this point we have two new players joining us;  can you be the next?!

Phill Sterling, Founder and Director

Phone: 638-4956

Email at

This page updated September 26, 2015

Recordings of the band can be seen on YouTube; search for Bville Community Band.