Baldwinsville Community Band

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Thanks for visiting our site. If you have any questions or comments about the band, please send them my way. 

We have finished our 2016 Summer Concert Series and will be off until our next rehearsal, Wednesday, October 12, at 7PM at Durgee Junior High School.  We would love to have new players join us, or if you’ve played with us in the past and been on sabbatical, consider dropping in again!  Please email me so I can be sure to have a seat for you and music to read.

I would appreciate a brief email from anyone reading this page so I can assess the value of posting this site.

Phill Sterling, Founder and Director

Phone: 638-4956

Email at

This site updated  September 5, 2016

Recordings of the band can be seen on YouTube; search for Bville Community Band.